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Overview http://www.perdisco.com/elms/qsam/html/qsam.aspx 1 of 3 12/05/2008 9:04 PM Navigation map You have currently completed approximately 0% of your Accounting Practice Set. We estimate that it may take you up to a further 20 hours of study time to complete this and the remaining Practice Set pages. This page of the Accounting Practice Set could take you up to 0.25 hour of study time to complete. These time frames are a guide only. It may take you more or less time to complete each step. Overview This practice set continues over multiple pages. Saving your position. If you want to save this practice set where you are up to and come back to it at a later time, click the bookmark button on this page to save your position and be returned to your home page. To re-enter the practice set at this page at a later time, simply click the link that you originally clicked to access this practice set. Please note that any answers you have entered on the bookmarked page are not kept with your bookmark. Please review this page carefully because it contains important information about this practice set. It may be helpful to print this page now , because this is the only opportunity to print the entire list of transactions. Only information on this page that is relevant to each new page/stage/section of the practice set will be displayed on each subsequent page of the practice set. However, it may be useful to have a printed copy of this page because you will be referring to it regularly. When you are ready to go to the next page, click continue . Background information You are currently working for the temporary accounting employment agency known as Tempters. Today you have been assigned the case of Renegade Sports, a small general sports store that operates in inner city Adelaide. The general sports store is owned by Jaquenetta Bragg who, you later find out, started the company after leaving a career as a censor. Jaquenetta tells you that she is hoping that the general sports store will be profitable enough that she will eventually be able to sell the business and live out her dream of going on tour with a one person stage show of 'Titanic'. She explains that times have been tough ever since the general sports store experienced the death of long time mentor, Jimmy McJabbs. The general sports store is set up as a private non-listed company with Jaquenetta as the sole shareholder. You are then asked by Jaquenetta to complete the books for the month of June. Accounting policies and procedures
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