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Practice set information .. 1 of 1 5/12/2008 11:03 PM Background information You are currently working for the temporary accounting employment agency known as Accomp. Today you have been assigned the case of The Adrenaline Hut, a small extreme sports store that operates in inner city Perth. The extreme sports store is owned by Sampson Franck who, you later find out, started the company after leaving a career as a concierge. Sampson tells you that he is hoping that the extreme sports store will be profitable enough that he will eventually be able to sell the business and live out his dream of inventing a form of edible plastic . He explains that times have been tough ever since the extreme sports store experienced the opening of the Sports Supplies megastore next door. The extreme sports store is set up as a private non-listed company with Sampson as the sole shareholder. You are then asked by Sampson to complete the books for the month of June. Accounting policies and procedures
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