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Case 9-2 - had created when it accepted his application fee...

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Catherine Reeves Case 9-2 Citation Steinberg v. Chicago Medical School. Illinois Court of Appeals, 1976. 41 Ill.App.3d 804, 354 N.E.2d 536. Facts Robert Steinberg applied for admission to the Chicago Medical School as a first-year student and paid an application fee of $15.00. The school rejected his application. Steinberg brought an action against the school, claiming that it did not evaluate his and other applications according to the academic entrance criteria printed in the school’s bulletin. Instead, Steinberg argues, the school based its decisions primarily on nonacademic considerations such as family connections between the applicant and his family to donate large sums of money to the school. Steinberg asserts that by evaluating his application according to these unpublished criteria, the school breached the contract it
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Unformatted text preview: had created when it accepted his application fee. The trial court granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss, and Steinberg appealed. Issue Was this application a contract? Decision Trial court’s dismissal reversed and case remanded. Reason In this case the offer is that Chicago Medical School will evaluate the application according to the standards printed in their bulletin and the acceptance was that Steinberg would pay the application fee of $15. Both parties entered this agreement understanding the terms. The contract that Steinberg and Chicago Medical School entered into meets the four requirements for a contractual contract. The contract is therefore binding and legally enforceable....
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