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David Gutierrez Serber 505 SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform my audience on the process and benefits of directional drilling. Central idea: Directional drilling is not only more economically viable than vertical drilling, but it can also benefit the environment. Drilling into the Future INTRODUCTION I. Attention-getter: How many people here went out to Lake Travis while growing up, or any lake for that matter? Now, what if a massive oil reservoir was found under that lake? Would it be right for companies to build large polluting oil rigs on the lake itself to drill it out? Of course not, as the environmental impact would be devastating. What if there was a way, however, to potentially drill out all of the oil while maintaining a safe distance of at least couple of miles? Well, such a method does indeed exist, and it is known as directional drilling. II. Central Idea: Directional drilling has been a great area of development in this field because not only is it more economically viable, it can also help reduce negative impact on the environment. III. Establish Credibility and relate topic to audience: Even Erik Molvar, executive director of the biodiversity conservation alliance, has established his support for this process as a more eco-friendly and profitable alternative to normal vertical drilling methods, although it is admittedly easy to find support for anything that both helps the environment and allows us to keep more money in our pockets. IV. Preview the main points: Directional drilling is still a work in progress, however, and while it can very well have positive economic and environmental impacts, we must take a closer look at the process itself before determining how viable it really is. Transition: since I am talking specifically about horizontal drilling I won’t go into the specifics on the drilling process itself. Instead, I’ll focus on methods and practices that only pertain to this particular method. BODY
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Outline speech 2 - David Gutierrez Serber 505 SPECIFIC...

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