chem 111 final review

chem 111 final review - Chemistry 111 General Review of...

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Chemistry 111 General Review of Topics over the Semester ****This is not a guaranteed list! I may have missed a few things here and there. You should make your own study guide of the topics and compare it to this to ensure 100 % accuracy. A. Safety o Know the areas of safety equipment within your lab - Shower, eye wash, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, exits, hoods, MSDS o Review your safety quiz B. Exercise 1: Scientific Literature o Know the definitions - Serial – a publication used over time, journals, periodicals, magazines - Database – large information on a processing system - Academic Search Premier – full text - Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management – specialized database - Web of Science – multi-disciplinary database, includes Science Citation Index - IRIS Database – human health database - ChemIDPlus – chemicals database - ChemNetBase – chemistry handbooks - Kirk-Othmet ECT – chemical technology - Knovel Database – full text of sciences and engineering - Subject guides – sources on broad area o Know how to cite a paper (see page 4 for an example) C. Exercise 2: Graphical Depiction of Scientific Data o Know the following types of charts: pie chart, column chart and scatter plot o Know what a trendline is and how to use its equation to solve for unknowns (x and y) - predict the value of a variable, set a Y value example 500 ppm and solve for X, then substitute X D. Exercise 3: From Atoms to Molecules o Known the following definitions: Intercalate – squeeze between steps Binding in the groves – small molecules bind in major and minor grooves,
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chem 111 final review - Chemistry 111 General Review of...

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