Chapter 22-pgs 753-758 - A.P. US Artem Kholodenko Mods...

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Unformatted text preview: A.P. US Artem Kholodenko Mods 6/7/8 0109 Notes for pgs. 753 – 758 A Divided Republican Party Ballinger-Pinchot Affair National Progressivism- Phase II: Woodrow Wilson The Four-Way Election of 1912 Bull Moose Party- The Insurgents were a small group of (R) during TR’s time, which challenged the party’s congressional leadership; (La Follette and Beveridge)- In 1909 the group turned against Taft in battle over tariff- At first Tat thought too, that tariff should be lowered, but in 1909, when the Senate voted for the Payne-Aldrich Act, Taft abandoned his ideas and praised the tariff bill- A target of Insurgents was Speaker of House, Joseph G. Cannon of IL, who wanted ruthless politics- In March 1910 the Insurgents joined the (D) against “Cannonism” to pass an amendment to rules, (by George Norris) and to remove Cannon from Rules Committee; they won - Taft got slapped, supporting Cannon- TR was sent letters about Taft’s bad rule and got into arguments with him, especially over this incident- Richard A. Ballinger was Taft’s sec. of interior: conservative lawyer, disliked federal controls and wanted private development of natural resources- He approved a sale of land of several millions of acres in Alaska w/rich coal deposits to businessmen- The group sold the land to another group, which J.P. Morgan was part of- Louis R. Glavis was fired when protesting these actions- Gifford Pinchot also got fired when he criticized Ballinger in a congressional testimony in Jan. 1910- TR returned to USA and supported Insurgents in mid-term...
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Chapter 22-pgs 753-758 - A.P. US Artem Kholodenko Mods...

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