Chapter 23-pgs 777-785 - A.P. US Artem Kholodenko Mods...

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Unformatted text preview: A.P. US Artem Kholodenko Mods 6/7/8 0109 Notes for pgs. 777 – 785 Turning the Tide Blacks in the AEF Promoting the War and Suppressing Dissent Advertising the War Gibbs McAdoo- The counteroffensive began on July 18, 1918- 500,000 Americans and 100,000 French were sent in by Pershing to St. Mihiel on the Meuse River- In four days he troops won over the already retreating Germans- The war’s greatest battle was on Sep. 26, when 1.2 mil US soldiers joined to drive the Germans out of Meuse R.- The Allies cut the German supply route- The Sedan-Mezieres RR was cut in November and 26,277 dead- Over 260,000 blacks were drafted into the war and 50,000 went to France- Racism continued, with the navy giving blacks the worst positions and marines excluding them at all- Racism senator from MS said blacks shouldn’t be drafted- On August 1917 tension reached a breaking point in Houston, when blacks from the 24 th infantry got weapons after being terrorized by locals & killed 17 whites- After the trial 13 were hanged and 41 in jail for life- In France blacks worked as cooks, maintenance, cargo handlers and were discriminated- The 92d division saw combat in Meuse-Argonne; Germans showed them racism propaganda and urged them to cross over to their side – none did- Most French treated whites and blacks the same- The government tried to revive the patriotism in the country toward the war- Private and public organizations hounded and arrested sots, pacifists, and others, trampling constitutional rights- The diverse opponents of the war presented a great barrier to...
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Chapter 23-pgs 777-785 - A.P. US Artem Kholodenko Mods...

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