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1 Rev: 10-3-10 Corrections for the First Printing of SEMD, 3/e Page Column Location Correction vii Right 1 st line Change “professor” to “Professor” vii Right 2nd t line Add “a” at the beginning of the line ix Left 7 lines from bottom Change “senor” into “senior” 13 Left Fig. 1.12 Y symbol should be larger (for return line or sewer) 42 Left Entry 6 in Table 3.1 Change to e - t / τ 50 Right Fig. 3.3b The x-axis from t=0 to t=t0 should be made thicker (same style of the curve) 50 Left One line below Eq. 3-91 Change (3-93) to (3-91) 51 Left One line below solution Change (3-100) to (3-98) 53 Right One line below Eq. 3-119 Change (3-121) to (3-119) 53 Right One line below Eq. 3-125 Change (3-127) to (3-125) 62 Right One line below (4-41) Substitute B ( s ) for B (s) 63 Right 3 lines from bottom Change “ U 1 ” into “ U 66 Fig. 4.5 (including caption) Remove gray background 71 Right Exercise 4.11 (b) Omit part (i) and re-number the other parts 71 Left Exercise 4.11 For item (i), replace R by R 1 72 Left Exercise 4.13 Replace the first equation by: ( ) 1 () iv dh qCh dt D h h = π− 79 Left Right below gray background, from “The largest…” to “… constant level” Insert gray background 80 Figure 5.6 (including caption) Insert gray background 82 Left First line below section 5.4.1 title Change “M/s” into “ M/s 86 Right One line before end of gray background Change “Chapter 13” into “Chapter 14”
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2 Page Column Location Correction 94 Left Fourth line equation number (4-41) should read (4-40) 94 Left Third line of paragraph starting with “It is convenient…” Change “Eq. 4-41” into “Eq. 4-40” 94 Right Caption for Fig. 6.2
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01b_SEMD3_errata_1st_printing - Rev: 10-3-10 Corrections...

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