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Unformatted text preview: dard parameters ( K, θ, τ = 1st or 2nd, ζ and τz ) Standard form Gain = 2, 2(0.2s + 1) 4(0.2s + 1) 0.8( s + 5) =2 = Factored form 2 0.5s + 1.5s + 1 s + 3s + 2 ( s + 2)( s + 1) 2 Poles: at s = -1, s = -2, and 1 Zero at s = -5. 7) Be able to derive the overall transfer function between an output and input from a component block diagram arrangement: series, parallel, feedback arrangements. These relationships can be derived from the algebraic properties of G(s) = ratio of Y(s) / U(s) and linearity of the Laplace Transform. 8) Given a single or set of nonlinear ODEs, be able to linearize (when necessary) each ODE to derive a specified transfer function model between one output and one input. Describe any differences between linear and nonlinear model predictions of responses to step changes in input....
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