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City of Grand Island Working Together for a Better Tomorrow. Today. Interoffice Memorandum Utilities Department To: Tim Luchsinger From: Dave Kuhlman Subject: Engineering Services for Precipitator Duct and Expansion Joint Modification Date: November 9, 2001 For many years the plant has experienced precipitator problems with ash build up in the first field and on the inlet distribution plates. Plant maintenance people and contractors have repaired cracks in the metal ducts and expansion joints and welded plates over areas of corrosion in the ducts. During plant outages people have seen moisture in the precipitator and ducts which contributes to ash build up. The belief is that the duct lagging and flashing is inadequate and allows water to leak through, contacting the 750° F. duct and causing thermal expansion in the metal and thus creating the cracks. In 1997 Lutz, Daily and Brain was contracted to investigate the problem and recommend a solution. They looked at the ducts during the turbine outage and recommended installing an additional metal roof over the economizer outlet expansion joint area, extending the precipitator roof over the inlet ducts and
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Grand_Island_Precipitator_Original - City of Grand Island...

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