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ENGLISH 1112, SECTION C TECHNICAL REPORT WRITING Fall 2011 Friday, 17:30-20:30. Professor : Elena Ilina Office: 135 Séraphin-Marion, room 129 Telephone 613 562-5800 ext 1251 Office Hours: by appointment Email: [email protected] Description and Objectives This course aims at teaching students fundamental communication skills required in their chosen professional fields. Through frequent written assignments and exercises, students will develop their composition skills and learn to present technical information in a clear, concise, and logical manner. Upon successful completion of this course, students will know how to compose and structure a variety of technical documents typical to their fields of study. Students will also learn to Write coherent texts using content and language appropriate for the intended readers; Design and format a variety of documents according to the basic norms of written technical communication in their chosen professions; Select relevant sources of information for their documents and integrate, cite, and document them properly in the APA Style; Edit, revise, and proofread their written work to ensure logical consistency and grammatical correctness. Methodology Lectures and group workshop activities; independent study for grammar review; and tutoring as required at the Writing Centre outside of regular class hours. Required Texts Beer, David and David McMurrey. A Guide to Writing as an Engineer . 3 rd ed. New York: John Wiley, 2009. Hacker, Diana. A Canadian Writer’s Reference (with Exercises). 5th ed. Toronto: Nelson Canada, 1996. Available at Benjamin Books Store, 122 Osgoode St., Ottawa 1
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Grading Three (3 ) reports 30% Three (3) grammar quizzes (in-class) 20% Four (4) Skill Builders (in-class) 20% Final Technical Report (take-home final exam) 30% Types of out-of-class assignments, weighting, and due dates : 1. Resume and cover letter 10% Fri. Sep. 23 2. Proposal 10% Fri. Oct. 14 3. Progress report 10% Fri. Nov. 18 4. Topic selection, references, and sections 5% Fri. Nov. 18 5. Final technical report (25+5)% Fri. Dec. 9 Please note that to be eligible to complete the final report and to get a credit for this
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Syllabus%20ENG%201112%20C0 - 1 ENGLISH 1112 SECTION C...

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