Lecture 3 Wealth Disparity Race and Gender

Lecture 3 Wealth Disparity Race and Gender - Quiz #3 1)...

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Quiz #3 – 1) Give an example of what E, Z &S would call Monopolistic Capitalism in the documentary, i.e. the financial institutions, rating agencies, insurers. Be specific. 2) What were some connections with government officials and the financial institutions at the center of the economic crisis? 3) According to the film, how did deregulation affect the market? 4) What role did lobbyists play? Wealth in the United States – The Economic Downturn Whole, Part, Whole – This concept we will extend throughout the semester. Let’s think about Wallerstein’s World Systems Analysis – Those suffering the most in the outer rungs. Let’s see how that plays out in the United States and family wealth by group in the United States. Wealth is largely passed on through homes. As we’ve seen in the documentary, the VALUE of homes is SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED. If we look at property ownership, this has been a racialized process and that wealth has been transmitted through generations. First with the Constitutional Convention 1863 – Homestead Act – This act would give land to European immigrants (Scandinavian, German, Irish) if they became Union soldiers. Blacks excluded and and act against slave holders (to keep the West white). Some blacks, however, acquired some of the Homestead Act land, but were later driven out by the KKK. 1865-1877 – Reconstruction (really just 10 years of reconstruction). In that time the military forces of the North were in the south to reinforce the new laws. Freed slaves were supposed to receive 40 acres of land and a mule. This did not happen. 14
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Lecture 3 Wealth Disparity Race and Gender - Quiz #3 1)...

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