Lecture 7 Soc Problem Fall 2011

Lecture 7 Soc Problem Fall 2011 - 9.20.11 Notes for Social...

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9.20.11 Notes for Social Problems Fall 2011 Georgia State University Main Points from the readings: The role of power and domination. Race is SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED. Race Theory: I. Ethnicity Theories (a critique of biological theories) a. Parks and Gordon – Assimilation Theories a.i. Parks – over time, immigrant converts and conforms to the dominant culture and new cultural context because of cultural contact. a.ii. Gordon seven stages of assimilation: 1 Acculturation: new comers adopt language, dress, and daily customs of the host society (including values and norms) 2. Structural assimilation: large-scale entrance of minorities will enter cliques, clubs and institutions in the host society. 3. Marital assimilation: widespread intermarriage. 4. Identification assimilation: the minority feels bonded to the dominant culture. 5. Attitude reception assimilation: absence of prejudice and discrimination. 6. Behavior reception assimilation: absence of prejudice and discrimination. 7. Civic assimilation: absence of values and power struggles. b. Kallen – Cultural Pluralism , a contrast to assimilation. This theory suggests that there is a give and take w/ cultural contact. Irish come, but there is a gradual acceptance and transmission of culture going both ways. A culturally unique is the outcome. New culture actually changes existing culture the U.S. combines with Irish culture. c. Major problem with these Ethnicity theories – they did not account for racial minorities. This just explained the process for white immigrants. It could be argued that Jewish people fit into these theories. d. These theories describe merging groups but some groups are excluded. II. Class Based Theories - Race is a subcategory of class. (Marx) a. Segmentation theory – race functions to disrupt unity among worker class. This subcategory of race keeps workers separated as one group is used against the other for cheaper labor and only serves the interests of capitalists. In essence, it’s good for business to have a racial hierarchy. The capitalists are at the helm creating the division. b. Split Labor Market Theory (William Julius Wilson) – White workers have interest in preventing other cheaper sources of labor coming in, it’s the white workers creating the division, they don’t want to share resources. They don’t want workers working for less. Capitalist class is not the primary beneficiary. It is in the best interest of capitalist class so it’s still not in the best interest of the workers to have
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these cleavages. Class is more important, there is a racial caste system but today it doesn’t matter. c. Criticisms of class based theories c.i. Race as a subcategory is a major problem c.i.1. Problematic because operating outside of class, people of color are still face racism. Class mobility is now more possible but people are still racialized outside of class. c.i.2.
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Lecture 7 Soc Problem Fall 2011 - 9.20.11 Notes for Social...

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