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Describe a 5-step hypothesis test using any one of the nonparametric tests in your reading  material for a particular claim related to your work or life environment.  You need to state the  claim, define the null and alternate hypotheses, identify the test significance and the test statistic,  and state the decision rule that will be used.  The decision rule may be based on critical values or  on   the   p-value   approach.  You   do   not   need   to   collect   data   and   actually   conduct   the   test  calculations unless you wish to do so. Here is an example of a nonparametric hypothesis test: A study regarding the relationship between age and the amount of pressure sales personnel  feel   in   relation   to   their   jobs   revealed   the   following   sample   information.   At   the   .01 
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Unformatted text preview: significance level, is there a relationship between job pressure and age? Age (years) Low Medium High Less than 25 20 18 22 25 up to 40 50 46 44 40 up to 60 58 63 59 60 and older 34 43 43 • Chi square test of independence (between the age and job pressure) o H o : There is no relationship between job pressure and age o H a : There is a relationship between job pressure and age • Significance = α = 0.01 o We will reject Ho if the test p- value < 0.01 • Degrees of Freedom = (4 – 1)(3 – 1) = 6 • The Chi square test statistic for this data (Using a Chi square calculator) is 2.1 o The p- value corresponding to this is 0.91. o Since 0.91 > 0.01, we fail to reject H o • Conclusion: There is no statistical basis to conclude that job pressure and age are related....
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