ACCT 205 Week 2 - Cr. Depreciation Expense-Building $6200...

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Week Two Problems Chapter 3, P3-32A  Dr. Payroll Expense $7000 Cr. Cash $7000 Chapter 3, P3-33A  Dr. Accounts Receivable $800 Cr. Service Revenue $800 Dr. Supplies Expense $1400 Cr. Supplies $1400 Dr. Insurance Expense $600 Cr. Prepaid Insurance $600 Dr. Depreciation Expense $4400 Cr. Accumulated Depreciation $4400 Dr. Salary Expense $300 Cr. Salary Payable $300 Chapter 4, E4-21  Dr. Service Revenue $110000 Cr. Income Summary $110000 Dr. Income Summary $35500 Cr. Salary Expense $26100 Cr. Supplies Expense $2400 Cr. Depreciation Expense-Furniture $800
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Unformatted text preview: Cr. Depreciation Expense-Building $6200 Dr. Income Summary $74500 Cr. Klein, Capital $74500 Dr. Klein, Capital $57000 Cr. Klein, Drawing $57000 The ending balance of Klein, Capital is $64,500 Chapter 4, P4-25A Dr. Cash $500 Cr. Unearned Service Revenue $500 Dr. Supplies Expense $2000 Cr. Supplies $2000 Dr. Depreciation Expense $6000 Cr. Accumulated Depreciation $6000 Dr. Salary Expense $1000 Cr. Salary Payable $1000 Dr. Unearned Service Revenue $4000 Cr. Service Revenue $4000...
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ACCT 205 Week 2 - Cr. Depreciation Expense-Building $6200...

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