Answer (2) - $11,000 Stockholders invested an additional...

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Purchased computers for office use for $30,000 from Dell on account Dr. Computers $30,000 Cr. Accounts Payable $30,000   Paid $4,000 cash for May Rent on storage space Dr. Rent Expense $4,000 Cr. Cash $4,000 Received $12,000 cash from customers for contracts billed in April Dr. Cash                                    $12,000 Cr. Accounts Receivable  $12,000   Provided computer services to Brieske Construction Company for $5,000 cash Dr. Cash                                      $5,000 Cr. Service Revenue $5,000 Paid Southern States Power Co. $11,000 cash for energy usage in May Dr. Utilities Expenses $11,000 Cr. Cash
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Unformatted text preview: $11,000 Stockholders invested an additional $40,000 in the business in exchange for Common Stock of the company Dr. Cash $40,000 Cr. Common Stock $40,000 Paid Dell $30,000 for the computers in May 1 Dr. Accounts Payable $30,000 Cr. Cash $30,000 Incurred advertising expense for May of $1,000.on account Dr. Advertising Expense $1,000 Cr. Accounts Payable $1,000 Bride’s Company Trail Balance May 31, 20XX Debit Credit Cash 12,000 Accounts Receivable 12,000 Computers 30,000 Accounts Payable 1,000 Common Stock 40,000 Service Revenue 5,000 Rent Expense 4,000 Advertising Expense 1,000 Utilities Expense 11,000 58,000 58,000...
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Answer (2) - $11,000 Stockholders invested an additional...

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