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Department of Information Technology ISSC341 Introduction to Networking 3 Credit Hours 8 Week Course Prerequisite(s ) : None Table of Contents Instructor Information Evaluation Procedures Course Description Grading Scale Course Scope Course Outline Course Objectives Policies Course Delivery Method Academic Services Course Materials Selected Bibliography Certification & Testing Bio Grading Rubric for Writing Grading Rubric for Discussions Instructor Information Instructor: Bryan Jensen Email : [email protected] Phone : (405) 642-1035 Office Hours: (Email 24/7) – Email first - Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time Weekends please use email unless it is an emergency NOTE: I T IS I MPORTANT THAT THE STUDENT READ THE ENTIRE S TUDENT S YLLABUS THOROUGHLY . T HIS DOCUMENT DETAILS MY GOALS AND EXPECTATIONS FOR THIS COURSE AND PROVIDES ALL OF THE NECESSARY INFORMATION CONCERNING ASSIGNMENTS , GRADING AND ADDITIONAL COURSE REQUIREMENTS . Course Description (Catalog) TOC This course is a study of the evolution, the concepts, and the principles of local, distributed and enterprise networking. This course examines Network design, topologies, architecture, media, interface cards, protocols, problem resolution, communications, administration, operations, and resources. It introduces the student to the concepts of wireless networking, and web-based networks. This course also explores the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) and the Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Packet (TCP/IP) reference models. This course also examines internetworking servers, and hardware and operating systems maintenance. Students will need access to Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (or higher) with Outlook Express, MS Visio 2000 or higher, Java 2 Runtime, Phex, and FineCrypt 9.1. This software is not provided by the course material grant and must be purchased/provided by the student. [3 Semester Hours]
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Course Scope TOC CIW Foundations is a three-course series that teaches the essential, hands-on skills and knowledge that Internet professionals are expected to understand. The CIW Foundations series of courses prepares students to take the high-stakes CIW Foundations certification exam. Those who pass the CIW Foundations exam earn the highly respected CIW Associate certification, which is recognized throughout the industry as validating essential Internet skills for the workplace. The CIW Associate certification proves that an individual has evolved from being an Internet consumer to an Internet producer, capable of producing real-world Internet applications. A CIW Associate certificant can use common Internet-ready applications, can create properly formed HTML/XHTML documents, knows CGI and database essentials, and can troubleshoot networks. The CIW Foundations three-course series are: 1.
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