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Name: Date: ISSC340 Week 4 Assignment (3% of Grade) APUS/Kageorgis Pre-Assessment 4 & Activity 4-1: Reviewing transmission techniques concepts The purpose of this activity is to reinforce what you have learned so far about local area network technologies. 1. True or false: Analog signals are patterns that vary continuously and form smooth waves. 2. True or false: Fiber transmits digital signals. 3. How are digital signals measured? (about 50 words) 4. For each of the following, identify whether the characteristic fits broadband or baseband. a. Uses bus, ring or star topologies b. Provides several channels c. Uses a single digital signal
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Unformatted text preview: d. Uses bidirectional transmissions e. Has a 400-MHz transmission capacity f. Uses one channel g. Transmits voice, video and data on separate channels h. Uses analog and digital signals i. Works well with CSMA and token passing j. Uses coaxial, twisted pair, or fiber cables k. Uses a head-end to control channels l. Simple and inexpensive to install and maintain m. Typically deployed as a tree topology n. Has roots in CATV o. Used for infrared device-to-device transmissions p. Unsuitable for small LANs 5. Describe the use of fiber optics in LANs. (about 120 words)...
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