Analysis Memo - MEM O To Stakeholders From Scott Ward Date...

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MEM O To: Stakeholders From: Scott Ward Date: 02/07/2011 Re: Test Analysis Message: After looking over the recommended procedures for this operation, it was in our best interests to figure out the best way to overcome these diversities in our original plan. There was much that went into researching the best course of action. Though some of you may disagree with the actions that took place these last few months, these were key elements in perfecting our projects and help better understand what it is we need to get better results when needed. The few items that we had to deal with had to be placed under a budget, for a safe insurance that we could test probabilities in all areas, not just focus on one spot and not get a better picture of how progress is being made. These small sample tests really helped out in the overall picture. Trial and error is a good way to be better prepared for later problems that may persist. Though we did not get exactly what we wanted from all these tests, but now we know what to look for when assessing new data. One thing we may look into further, as long as it fits the future budgets, is a look into
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Analysis Memo - MEM O To Stakeholders From Scott Ward Date...

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