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A. What is the difference in profit under each of the alternatives if the clocks are to be sold for $14.50 each to Kmart? Original order for Kmart 5,000 clocks for $4.00 each 5,000*4 = 20,000 Alternative order 5,000clocks for 14.50 each 5,000* 14.50 = 72,500 Profit between the original to alternative orders 72,500 – 20,000 = 52,500 B. What are the most important nonfinancial factors that Technology Plus should consider when making this decision? Technology Plus should consider when making this nonfinancial factor is the benefit
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Unformatted text preview: for there own company and there own employees. For example technology plus needs to get orders for there clocks so that they can make the money to pay there bills and there employees. C. What do you think Technology Plus should do in regard to Kmart order? What should it do in regard to continuing to manufacture the multi- alarm alarm clocks? Be prepared to defend your answer....
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