Decisions in Paradise II

Decisions in Paradise II - Decisions in Paradise II...

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Decisions in Paradise II University of Phoenix By Scott Ward When faced with making a decision on Kava and the people who inhabit the land, there was much to consider; not just on our part, but what is best for them as well. To make this place
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a paradise, we need to understand what a “paradise” needs. The solution to their problems was complicated and involves much dedication if there are plans to complete our task here. There will be much rational decision making to be made so that the plan to turn the country around will be successful. This will not be easy to complete everything that is planned for Kava, but each little task will take a huge role in the overall uplift for the people. I feel that the solution will be focusing on the cause and effects of our decisions, there is no point of going into Kava with the plans to do some work and not view the outcome on the people. We know that the people here are in need of help, but they need constructive help, not just food and water, they need a way to better themselves as a whole and continue to be able to do so on their own after we are long gone. I know that their population consists of over fifty percent kids under the age of fifteen and this will be where we are put to the test. We will need to help better their future, if we plan to ever succeed in Kava. First we will need to look at the areas that need the most attention and where we can be most effective for them. We know that food and water is a huge thing after a natural disaster, but that is not all that will comfort them in their times of need. They are going to need homes, jobs and just security in the form of knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. Getting help will be tough, but not so much as it becoming impossible to receive outside help. Getting places like the Salvation Army to help donate food, water, blankets and maybe even clothes to the less fortunate will be a start. Next we will need to find a company willing to put time and effort into
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Decisions in Paradise II - Decisions in Paradise II...

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