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Running Head: REGRESSION PAPER 1 Century National Bank Regression Test: Balance versus Interest Helen Anguay, Joshua Pittendrigh, Jana Thorson, and Scott Ward University of Phoenix Research and Evaluation II RES342 Facilitator Robert Schaller March 13, 2011 For the past four weeks Team B has performed various research and analysis of Century National Bank data. During Week Two the research team performed a parametric test to determine if average account balances were greater for those that receive interest than those who don’t (Anguay, Pittendrigh, Thorson, Ward, 2011). In Week Three the team took its analysis to another level performing a two-sample parametric test to determine if customers’ account balances were greater based on interest and based on the city in which they live (Anguay, Pittendrigh, Thorson, Ward, 2011). In Week Four the team performed a nonparametric test using
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Regression Paper 2 the Kruskas-Wallis test to compare the average account balance by the four sample population cities. During Week Five Research Team B is performing a Regression Test to determine if interest and services have an effect on the sample population of Century National Bank customers’ account balances. The multivariate regression test is a way to analyze relationships
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