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Organizational Overview In Sharpsburg Pennsylvania in 1869 Henry John Heinz founded Heinz. Today Heinz is a multi-national company that does ten billion dollars in sales; which accounts for more than 650 million bottles of ketchup sold each year. Ketchup is only one product that Heinz produces and sells. In addition to Ketchup, Heinz has more than fifteen other brands; including other condiments, meals and snacks, and infant nutrition. Today their headquarters is located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and operates off of a mission statement that says; ” As the trusted leader in nutrition and wellness, Heinz – the original Pure Food Company – is dedicated to the sustainable health of people, the planet and our Company” (Heinz, 2011). New Product Description Today we are introducing a new product called the Tri-Pac. The Tri-Pac is a tri-tubed bottle where each tube contains; mayonnaise, mustard, or ketchup. The Tri-Pac bottle will feature: Flip top rotating cap, cap orientated on the bottom for easy dispensing, spill proof design of bottle nozzle, no more need to buy three separate products, saves space. SWOTT Analysis When designing a new product, looking to do a new marketing plan, or to analyze current production doing a SWOTT (strengths, weakness, opportunity, threats, and trends) analysis will aid an organization in making informed decisions. Using this method to analyze the new product that is being developed for Heinz it can be determined that the strengths of this product are that the TRI-Pac is a new way of packaging three already existing products in one container. Another strength to this product is that it is being developed by Heinz which is a well known global leader in the food industry which has a strong customer base that has been in existence for more than 140 years.
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Weaknesses are often seen as negative situations when in fact when they are correctly identified they give an organization the ability to root out those faults and become a stronger organization because of them. In regards to the TRI-Pack there are weaknesses that need to be addressed in order to make it a stronger product. The first of which is the very fundamental issue of the product is that consumers may not desire to have the three products combined into one packaging. The second weakness of the product is that since there are three products in one tube Heinz will need to address the issue of shelf life. Ketchup and mustard have a significantly longer shelf life than does mayonnaise; perhaps the answer is to make the shelf life be consistent with the least shelf stable commodity. Opportunities are the third segment in the SWOTT analysis. Currently Heinz only sells and produces mayonnaise in small single use packages in the United States. As this product moves closer to production it would be an excellent opportunity for Heinz to broaden their product base by producing jars of mayonnaise for production and sales in the United States. By doing so it would reduce the individual cost of producing this product because they would
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Ltwk5cureauxwardandersonriveragranish - Organizational...

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