My name is Scott Ward

My name is Scott Ward - currently I am taking a break to...

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My name is Scott Ward, I am 25 years old and just trying to get through school. I know that I have a long road ahead of me and trying to make the best of it. Just got married last year, which starts a new chapter in life for me to fill in the blank pages (hopefully it’s a good and long chapter). Most of my life consisted of soccer, I played for 13 years until I got injured and had to get surgery on the bone in my right leg. During this time as well I used to skateboard, for 8 years, and now one of my friends (Tony Tave) who continued is a pro skateboarder. I am a music lover, so to say, I have been playing many instruments such as guitar and bass guitar, drums and working on piano as well. I have played in many bands, but
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Unformatted text preview: currently I am taking a break to focus on other aspects of my life. I still write songs, just keep them in the memory bank for later use. I am working towards a degree in accounting, and when everyone asks me why would I want that, I have no idea, but it calls to me. As for now, I currently work as a cook prep and dish washer for Chili's and every so often I help put together my father's accounting information together and entered, also I help prepare him for tax season. Some of my hobbies besides music is to watch hockey (LA Kings) when I do get the chance and when the world cup (Germany) happens as well, I enjoy that too....
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