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Unformatted text preview: There are many aspects that Mc Donald’s uses to make sure that their company stays profitable and stable. For Mc Donald’s to be successful there are many different business decisions that have to be made to help with the everyday business decisions. Different financial controls such as profit and loss statements and balance sheets help the managers with their financial targets and help them to be able to make adjustments to stay profitable. Quality control by far ahs to be the biggest of all the control mechanism that Mc Donald’s has to stay on top of. Quality control recognizes the quality of foods and services that each and every store offers. The quality of the food can make or break a business because of the safety factors related with the food and the consumption of the customers. Mc Donald’s has registered Dietitians to make sure that food is up to the standards of its customers and quality review.( McDonald’s, 2010) Clan controls are the next most important controls that effect the overall production of Mc Donald’s...
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