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simulation week 3 Scott Ward - like this when asked to...

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There is a lot to learn when using this simulation. There are a lot of little details that you must consider when making a decision. There is more than one test to use and multiple variables to use in the decisions become critical later on in the simulation, making it a thinking game with memorizing what each decision is affecting the prior and future choices. The hardest thing with these tests is remembering what test is going to be used and then how to use it with the collected data. The tests have similar requirements for using them, but each has its own needs to be used with the data. It can get confusing with all the formulas and terms being used, which can make it hard to remember what test you will use and what you are looking for during calculations. I have learned a little more on what to look for when using these tests. There is a clearer understanding on what to expect after testing a hypothesis. The process in which the tests are performed, though may take practice, would be easier to understand after using a simulation
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Unformatted text preview: like this when asked to perform a test of collected data. The simulation is a great way to understand what to look for using tests like ANOVA. Since this is a simulation, there is always another shot at fixing the problems that are at hand, but in the real world, that is not the case. If this was a test for a future decision or they wanted to test a hypothetical test, than this would be a good way to test all outcomes and weigh out the decisions in the simulation test before making a final decision. With any decision, it takes time to think of every input and output, since each choice as a factor on any decision and people want to make the right choices the first time, every time. When it comes down to a decision that affects financial situations, I know that each choice within the decision making process is huge, so I know that tests used to study population samples....
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