State of Confusion

State of Confusion - State of Confusion University of...

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State of Confusion University of phoenix By Scott Ward
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In this case where Tanya is filing a suit against a state, the state that is in breach of any law, regulation, or any other agreements, they will be the state with the jurisdiction. Here it will be the state of Confusion. Since the law for the new hitch for trucks is coming from that state, Tanya must fight them to change the law there. This is due to that fact that this is the only state that has this regulation and Tanya wants to fight the state to change this. Since Tanya has a problem with the state of Confusion, there would be no reason to take her fight to the state of Denial, where the requirement is not set in action. This is however, the state that is representing Tanya, so there could be a possibility, but most likely not. This case could go to the federal court if it progresses far enough. Since this is a suit that has part of the constitution tied in it, the court case will eventually make it to a federal court to see if the state of Confusion is in violation of any rules, laws, or regulations that have been set forth by the constitution to protect everyone and every company. I do not think that is it constitutional. Here we have business’s that will be affected by
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State of Confusion - State of Confusion University of...

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