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Using Perceptual Maps - Using Perceptual Maps In Marketing...

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Using Perceptual Maps In Marketing simulation University of Phoenix By Scott Ward
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I n the simulation, the company that is being used is a high end motorcycle company that is in a current financial downhill. The problem seems to be that people that are 35-50 love to own or purchase their type of motorcycles, but ages over that and under, do not seem to have much interest in them. This is also followed by customer trends and competitors that are eating into the sales of the company. The life style of the customers is beginning to take its toll as well. People may look for high end products and expect a high quality and satisfaction from these products, but will end up paying a little extra. Some will be looking for more of a fun type of motorcycle, which will be a much cheaper model. Where others may look for a safer cruise style motorcycle, where these types would be a mid-ranged priced motorcycle. The 2 top competitors are Anzai, who make the fun type of motorcycles and Espritique who are the producers of the safe motorcycle style. It has become apparent that there is some need of change and it is going to have to be mapped out so there is a visual on the problem. For the beginning I chose that we focus on lifestyle image, quality engineering, product uniqueness and service offerings to find a way to bring back the company. I choose these over all the others since they were the highest rated for our company over the competitors. For a good way to increase our popularity, we must focus on our strong points and show this to our customers and potential customers. Every strong
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