week 1 day 7 - Functions of Management By Scott Ward...

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Functions of Management By Scott Ward University of Phoenix In the work place for a manager, there are a few areas that must be worked on to keep team members or groups under control and working to full potential. There are four functions to
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management; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, which have their own special role in the way to run an operation. These are the special tools that management has to give their operations new looks, functions and abilities to completely over haul all other operation standards with new and up to date versions. When looking at the first function of management, which is planning, it is possible to see that is the starting point for managers. Here managers will begin planning for goals that can be achieved if appropriate actions are taken. With this step they are able to look at options and be able to plan alternatives or multiple options to being the planning process. Planning activities include analyzing current situations, anticipating the future, determining objectives, deciding in what types of activities the company will engage, choosing corporate and business strategies, and
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week 1 day 7 - Functions of Management By Scott Ward...

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