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The problem that is being looked at is whether or not education does affect wages that employees receive. This could be a debatable since some people can move up in the corporate ladder by way of recognition rather than education. It is possible for people to get hired on to a position by word of mouth and getting the job because someone is on the inside. Most cases where wages are involved with education, you can expect to make more a year if your education level is higher. They say that someone without a high school diploma would not make as much as someone with the diploma or G.E.D. in the same job. This would have to follow suit with college education levels as well. Associates degree recipients would not make as much as
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Unformatted text preview: a Bachelor degree, Master degree and Doctorate degree recipients. Also, as your education level increases, more job opportunities become available for the job seekers. People that do not have higher education cannot get jobs like lawyers, doctors, nurses, judges and other various job positions. The only variable that can change this is the time you put into the job. After many years it is possible to move up whether your education level is lower than others looking into the same job position within the company. Seniority in some companies can be a factor to progression in wages as well. This makes it hard to figure out if education is the only way to make more in your job....
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