Week 3 Team B - During the course of the three weeks we...

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Unformatted text preview: During the course of the three weeks, we will be exploring the Hypothesis Testing segment of Statistics Research. The first part of this assignment was the One Sample Hypothesis Testing. The second, which will be presented today, is the Two or More Sample Hypothesis Testing, and finally in the next following third week, we will look at Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing. This weeks project is a continuation of the previous project and entails to build on the identical research question from which we will formulate a research hypothesis from the same provided Data Sets (city and account balances) using ratio or interval numerical data; However, this week we will use a Two or More Sample Hypothesis test known as ANOVA to find our answer. In the next following paragraphs, the team will clearly affirm a hypothesis statement that will provide the base for our survey, perform a five-step hypothesis test on data pertaining to our selection applying the concepts of ANOVA Analysis of Variance learned in...
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