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Since not being in an organization that is centered around stockholders and managers, when a problem arises, it takes a collaboration of all members to resolve these problems. It can take many forms, such as persuasion of other members and brain storming to get the job done. Problems such as people deciding to part ways before certain planned events, becoming M.I.A. during “work hours”, instruments breaking, and injuries just to name a few. Each problem is treated equally, each person has a voiced opinion and each is taken into consideration. Most problems will originate from human interactions; this from having too much exposure to one scene too long, but other times it can become money problems. Time outs seem to help resolve many problems, plus food helps. Prior to setting up our “organization”, each member set in agreements to resolve problems in a civil manor and without leaving everyone else “high and
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Unformatted text preview: dry during certain times. Most problems within our organization are cause and effect, since each action will definitely have a reaction. Each time there is a decision made, each member must have a say so, or else problems will be unavoidable. Meetings are often used to give our organizations stakeholders a chance to go over how things are going and if changes, if any, are needed or if to be discussed about. This gives each person a chance to elaborate on any past, current or future problems, and opening up the opportunity to resolve problems with past experiences or see if a problem in the future is eminent. These ways of controlling problems and identifying those helps keep the organization running smoothly and become stronger from the problems that are overcome in each incident. Of course when money becomes a problem, it become a much harder solution to find at times....
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