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The type of information that will be in the communication plan will be the goals, changes in the organization, future plans or objectives as well as timeline of these events. It will be important to describe the objectives that the company would like to meet. This is what stakeholders would like to know about. The goals play a large role for the organizations in the sense that they give them a direction to look towards and are determined to reach it. Any changes that are made internally and externally will be some mentioned within this communication plan. It will go over any plans to improve customer relations or find ways to increase revenue. It will cover plans to improve shipment times or improve conditions for employees. This will be
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Unformatted text preview: covered with a timeline of how and when events will take place and as well as cost to obtain these goals and objectives. It will go over each step that will be taken to ensure that these goals are met and will describe any risks that may become present during this course of action. It is important to cover all the areas of the company with this new information, making it possible to keep everyone involved on the same page. The communication plan will be a critical part of the day to day operations of the organization. Maintaining a good link between the information being presented and who it is aimed at can be vital. This will help with the delivering of the information, since not all of it will apply to each person....
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