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Week 5 E - Week 5 E-text Questions University of Phoenix by...

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Week 5 E-text Questions University of Phoenix by Scott Ward
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5. State the main points of the Central Limit Theorem for a mean. The central limit theorem states that the sum of a sufficiently large number of identically distributed independent random variables each with finite mean and variance will be approximately normally distributed. So the main idea of the central limit theorem is that the average of a sample of observations drawn from some population with any shape distribution is approximately distributed as a normal distribution if certain conditions are met. 6. Why is population shape of concern when estimating a mean? What does sample size have to do with it? When estimating the mean, if the shape is not symmetrical, or bell shaped, than the mean will not be directly in the middle. The larger the sample size the more accurate it is. (8.46) A random sample of 10 miniature Tootsie Rolls was taken from a bag. Each piece was weighed on a very accurate scale. The results in grams were 3.087 3.131 3.241 3.241 3.270 3.353 3.400 3.411 3.437 3.477
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