week 5 team A - Place

week 5 team A - Place - a. Place For most products that...

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a. Place For most products that enter the market, the company must decide on where to distribute the product, since not all stores can carry every product made. For our product, the focus was on any retail store that carries a grocery section within its product selection. Besides just grocery stores like Ralphs, Albertsons, Vons, Stater Bros., Pavilions, and other grocery outlets, we plan to extend it to multipurpose stores. These stores would include places like Wal-mart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Super Kmart. These super stores can bring in large numbers of people, which is what is needed to have our product seen. Since our product is made by Heinz, the only place that our product needs to be after it is done is in a retail store or a wholesaler company. The location availability of our product the Tri-pac will be limited at first, due to it being a new product and we must “test the waters” with seeing how well it does in a first quarter review. Each place that we will distribute the Tri-pac to will have to stock up on enough of the product to meet their customer numbers. With our product being in the food isle, that cannot be on the shelf for too long. We will need the product to be available to each store that can carry this product to make sure that everyone that goes shopping can see the product at the store that they are custom to going to. The more places that people see the product, and they know that it is at “their” store, than we can expect to outreach to as many people as possible and gain
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week 5 team A - Place - a. Place For most products that...

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