Week+3+learning+team+project - Businesses much like sharks...

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Businesses much like sharks must keep moving in order to survive. Growth and development is the key to a successful organization. In order to do that a corporation must develop a strategic plan. A strategic plan is a road map of where the organization hopes to go and accomplish in the next year. This plan details where the company should allocate its resources based off the plan for the organization and the accomplishments that they hope to achieve. The strategic plan not only outlines the goals, but how the company will evaluate their progress and success and the rule stick they will use to determine if they have successfully accomplished their goals (Free Management Library, n.d.). In evaluating Microsoft’s 2010 annual report they focused on three items in their strategic plan. The first part of their plan was to continue their development and advertising of their “cloud” program. The second part was to continue focusing on their product portfolio and to maintain its diversity and success. Lastly Microsoft looked to continue finding new ways to maintain their record setting sales and financial performance (Microsoft, 2010). The first of these three initiatives is perhaps the most clear and allows the company as a whole to participate in their success, and a place in which everyone’s ideas can make a productive impact on the company’s future. Microsoft’s Cloud program is advertised as; create, connect, share. The purpose of this software program is to allow individuals to create a number of different types of media including; movies, music, and documents of all kinds using Microsoft
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Week+3+learning+team+project - Businesses much like sharks...

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