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What changes in decision - option over another to please...

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a. What changes in decision-making techniques would have improved the simulation results? When faced with a decision making situation, it is always good to see what options are being weighed out. Pros and cons of each idea or alternative to the other decisions would help make the choices more real. Any decision that does not seem like it will affect the decision making process, does not really have an up or down to the choice. It takes multiple decisions to come up with a final solution to the problem. Each choice did have a certain direction, but each was going towards the same goal, not really trying to improve the situation, just complete it. Managers faced with these situations would have other people to help sway your choice to choose one
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Unformatted text preview: option over another to please employees or the corporate office. If the simulation was given a real budget, employees with demands, corporate with a time limit and stakeholders looking for answers to these decisions; than the simulation would have made the decision process a little more time consuming and worth the efforts. The results also depend on the person choosing the options, and with many to choose from, it needs to show what would happen if another option was picked or how the combination of all the little choices add up in the end, not just the ones picked for the one simulation run through....
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