When it comes to thinking

When it comes to thinking - famous people from the past...

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When it comes to thinking, many people have a set way of how they think about thinking about things. One way is creative thinking, which can take many forms, from chemistry to art. This is where people put their brains ability to picture things in the mind and use understanding of what they know or learned and apply it to their own creative ability. There is a limit to this type of thinking, since the brain has a personal barrier, but there are unlimited possibilities within thinking creatively. Another type of thinking is scientific thinking, which is a huge type for many people. Science is in our everyday lives, but to use it as a thinking method, there are a few methods that they cover. The most famous method is the scientific method which has four steps to thinking, observation, hypothesis formulation, experimentation and verification; which even
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Unformatted text preview: famous people from the past used this method, like Galileo. The last type of thinking is persuasive thinking, which can be a double edge weapon. People use this type of thinking for both good and bad, mostly we see this type of thinking in politics, but it is also common among everyday people. Here people will use words to get you to agree with them and “follow their lead” so to say. This is a type of thinking that involves careful word usage as well as taking note of where you are, who you are around and what it is that you are going to say, or your message. Each thinking type has a unique effect on thinking and each take a certain type of thinking to pull of each type....
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