test_phys202-test1(2nd) - PHYS 202(Sec 1 TEST 1 September...

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PHYS 202 (Sec. 1) TEST 1 September 14,2005 INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: YOU LOSE 5 POINTS IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW ANY OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS. 1. Answer this test on the furnished SCANTRON card (or its equivalent) using a #2 pencil. 2. In the blank labeled "NAME on the SCANTRON card, print your name. 3. Read the directions in the box labeled "IMPORTANT" on the SCANTRON card. Note that you must erase pencil marks completely when changing your entries. I 4. Following the instructions in the box labeled "PART 1 " on the SCANTRON card, write your nine-digit ID number in the appropriate spaces, starting at the top row. Code your ID by marking through the correct numbers as instructed. The bottom row in the ID box should be Ieft empty. 5. Each question in the attached test has a corresponding row on the SCANTRON labeled by the question numbers "1 ", "2, etc. Mark through the letter on the SCANTRON card corresponding to your answer for that question. You lose 10 points for each question in which you mark a wrong answer, no answer, or more than one answer. In numerical problems, mark an answer if it is within 10% of your answer. 6. When you are through, double check your marks and erasures! Also, be certain- your answers are in the rows corresponding to the question numbers on the test.
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test_phys202-test1(2nd) - PHYS 202(Sec 1 TEST 1 September...

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