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Atlanta (CNN) -- Hickory Ridge landfill was once a mountain of trash sitting idle on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. But now, with its 10 acres of solar panels, the old landfill has been given a new lease of "green" life. "When a landfill is (finished with) taking waste, it basically is dormant and there's not a lot of uses for the property," says David Stuart, area environmental manager of landfill owners, Republic Services, Inc. "But its natural attributes -- being a tall structure, out of the shadows of the tree line -- gives it a unique advantage as a solar project," he added. The Spectral PowerCap designed by the Carlisle Energy Services is lined with 7,000 flexible solar strips which produces one megawatt of energy. The electricity generated is collected in each panel much like a solar calculator would, says Stuart. But rather than powering a keyboard it goes towards helping power the local grid. Beneath the solar panels, gas pumps have been driven deep into the ground collecting methane
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