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u3 db3 proj mgmt jjarvi - each section of the project as...

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When you are doing a project plan, there are many reasons to make sure that it is as detailed as it possibly can be. The reasons are so that all of the project phases, activities and tasks, can be clearly identified. The project plan will also sum up the effort needed for the task to be completed on time and on budget. The project plan also helps to document all of the interdependencies of the project. The project plan will also list the assumptions and constraints of the planning of the project. It will also create a detailed project planning schedule to help the project team know where they are supposed to be and what part of the project they should be working on. The detailed project plan also takes the project scope and milestones and defines them clearly for all to see and understand. The Work Breakdown Structure is also identified in the project plan as well as a copy of it so everyone can see the process and the steps that are being taken to complete the project. The project plan also sets and agrees to target delivery dates for
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Unformatted text preview: each section of the project as well as the final result. The project plan also monitors and controls the resource allocation, and makes sure that everyone knows what is being used and being spent. The other reason a project plan is important is to let the sponsor know your progress on the product. Scheduling resources is an important task because you do not want everyone to have to use or need the same resource at the same time, as that would slow down the project. Another reason scheduling resources is important, is because it helps to make clear that specific parts need to be done before moving on to another part. Outsourcing some of the project work can help to alleviate the workload by making it a smaller project for those that are being insourced. For example if the project team has only four members, and they need 6 to complete it, then they can outsource to find the other two, rather than having to take another person off another project as well....
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u3 db3 proj mgmt jjarvi - each section of the project as...

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