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Store Layout By Jeremy Tyson Jarvi Entrepreneurship Carol Boniface-Hannon, Instructor American Intercontinental University September 4 th , 2011 Abstract I am going to be designing a new department store based on clothing and attire for men. The layout of the store will be simple and straightforward. I believe that with the layout that I have come up with that I will be the most trafficked store in the area. The reason for this thought is because I am going to make every effort to bring in business.
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The layout for the new men’s store is simple. Everything is going to be located by price and size, and style. For example, we will have Casual Attire, Business Attire, Sports Attire, Shoes, Accessories, etc. When I talk about locating by price, I mean that the lower priced items will all be located in the same area in the back of the store near the clearance and sale items. Mid range priced items will be located in another section of the store. Then, finally the higher priced stuff will be located near the front of the store. The reason for this layout is because to get to the lower prices merchandise and the clearance and sale items, people will have to walk through the regularly higher priced merchandise. The store will be laid out into thirds with accessories being located in each area, of
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Jarvi_J_Entrepreneurship_IP2_U2 - Store Layout By Jeremy...

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