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Project Planning tools come in all different shapes and sizes, to say the least. You have many different types such as the Gantt Report. The Gantt Report is a chart that is utilized for scheduling and budgetary purposes. In the restaurant business we use them for our labor hours, to see who is working what shifts and overtime, and the like. I like the Gantt for the fact that it is easy to see and read, just by glancing at it (Gantt Project, 2011). Other diagrams are the Fishbone diagram, and they look like a fish skeleton, with a spine of the fish in the center of the page, and then bones coming out of the spine on both the left and the right making each category shown as bones leading to the spinal region (Organizational Goals, 2011). Another diagram that I like for project management is the Venn Diagram,
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Unformatted text preview: two circles that link together. The parts of the circles on the outer area are the areas in which the two ideas differ, but the middle area, where both circles become one piece, are the areas in which they are the same. This is a very useful tool, especially when coming up with pros and cons. I would recommend using either the Venn Diagram or the Gantt Charts, rather than the Fishbone Diagrams as they are easier to read and use, and there is very little confusion, and they are also easier to create on one’s own computer using Excel or Word. References Gantt Project. (2011). Retrieved from http://www.ganttproject.biz/ Organizations Goals: Fishbone. (2011). Retrieved from http://fishbonerootcauseanalysis.com/Organization-Goals.sapx...
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