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Jarvi_U1_IP1_Entrepreneurship - Running Head BILL Bill By...

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Running Head: BILL Bill By Jeremy Tyson Jarvi Entrepreneurship Professor Carol Boniface-Hannon, Instructor August 25, 2011 American Intercontinental University The characteristics that Bill has that would be beneficial to him taking over the business from Hugo are that he has been the one making the business decisions for years, as well as getting to know the customers. He is a public relations person, per se, in the fact that he is involved in the clientele and helping them in making the decisions on what should or should not be done on their vehicles.
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Running Head: BILL The customers trust Bill and his judgment and they know that he would never steer them wrong or make them have to buy something that they didn’t need or want (AIU Online, 2011). Bill is also highly respected and admired by the employees, they would do anything for him if he asked. He is a trusted person among those who work for him, and they know that he is a man of conviction and character, and he has morals.
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