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Running Head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT REPORT 1 Project Management Report 1 By Jeremy Tyson Jarvi Project Management Jimmy Pinto, Instructor American Intercontinental University Abstract This memo is going to be discussing the best way to streamline a business’ way of reimbursing their employees for monies that they have paid out of their own pocket to buy something for the company, or gas for business travel, or flights, etc. The following memo is going to be detailed and precise, yet basic.
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Running Head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT REPORT 1 Introduction After having considered what I wanted this report to be about, I thought about something that is very important in business, and that is reimbursing employees for things that are part of the business world—gas, travel, flight, business meetings, business lunches, and other out of pocket expenses that the employee may have to make for business purposes. Needs of the Situation The needs of streamlining employee reimbursement for out of pocket expense is important, as it will make it faster and easier for the company to pay back its employees for these expenses. The faster it is done the less hassle there will be.
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