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Running Head: CREATING AN ETHICAL CULTURE Ethical Culture in Business By Jeremy Tyson Jarvi International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business BUSN310-1201A-02 Professor Elizabeth Clark, Instructor American InterContinental University Online (AIU) Sunday, January 8 th , 2012 Abstract Ethics in business is sometimes a touchy matter, because people make the lines gray. They make it to where there is no longer any distinction between the white and the black lines. Ethics in business is key to preserving an effective business, as well as employee morale. Most businesses have “Ethical Codes of Conduct” which are great, but the real question is are they there for show only? The reason I ask this is because of all of the businesses we have seen in this
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Running Head: CREATING AN ETHICAL CULTURE last decade that have gone under or filed for bankruptcy it all comes down to a single thing— lack of ethical responsibility. Should businesses be forced to have “ethical standards” in my opinion, yes. The reason I say this is because if businesses need to be held to a higher principle. Ethical Culture in Business If I were to effectively present an issue to the Chief Executive Officer and other company managers and directors and department heads, I would try to makes sure that I empathized with them, and then I would proceed to present them with the facts—what is known. I would make sure to use “I” statements all throughout my presentation, and I would go on to tell the company’s management team what was going on and I would always, always, always begin with the statement: “I have identified an issue that must be addressed , and the problem is…” I would also have a solution ready to assist them in fixing the problem. After finishing my presentation I would conclude with thanking them for taking the time out of their busy schedules to meet with
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Jarvi_J_U1_IP1_International Law - Running Head: CREATING...

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