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Reinforcement vs. Punishment Positive Reinforcement Reinforcement of a behavior has to do with the anticipation of future consequences. There are different kinds of consequences and therefore reinforcement can be broken up into positive and negative reinforcement (Editorial Board, 2011). Positive reinforcement is if a person receives something after a specific act (Editorial Board, 2011). A good example of this would be if a 2 year old receives a cupcake after saying “Please” or “Thank You”. By receiving the cupcake the likelihood that the child will say “Please” or “Thank You” in the future is much greater. Negative Reinforcement Negative Reinforcement is where someone gets something taken away in response to actions or behaviors, rather than receiving a reward (Editorial Board, 2011). An example of negative reinforcement could be if a teenager has their video games, television and phone privileges taken away for getting a bad grade on their report card. By doing this it reinforces behavior of doing your homework after you get home from school, or studying an hour longer after school.
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Jarvi_Jeremy_U1_DB1_PSYCHOLOGY - Reinforcement vs...

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