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What are neurotransmitters? Neurotransmitters are the chemicals in the brain that communicate information throughout our entire body, as well as our brain. The neurotransmitters send signals between nerve cells or “neurons.” They are used by your brain to tell your body’s functions what they have to do and when, such as telling your heart when to beat, and your lungs when to breathe. They also tell our stomachs when to digest the food we have eaten. They affect our moods, sleep patterns, concentration, weight gains and losses, and they typically cause adverse symptoms when the levels are out of balance. There are many ways in which neurotransmitter levels are depleted. There is a study out that estimates that 86% of Americans’ neurotransmitter levels are suboptimal. The following things can cause your levels to be out of optimal range: stress, poor diet, neurotoxins, genetic predisposition, and drug/alcohol/caffeine usage. The two types of neurotransmitters there are excitatory and inhibitory. The former are not necessarily really exciting—they are what kick the brain into action. The latter are the type that calm the brain as well as help to create a balance. When the excitatory neurotransmitters are overactive they easily deplete the inhibitory ones. Inhibitory Neurotransmitters First, let us discuss what inhibitory neurotransmitters are, how they work, and what their affects on our body when they are functioning properly or when they are not functioning properly. So some of the inhibitory neurotransmitters are:
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Jarvi_jeremy_u2_db2_PSYCHOLOGY - What are neurotransmitters?

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