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The time when I acted mindlessly, was one time when I was helping out a Pastor in my church. He had asked me to arrange the packets for each of the men going to the Promise Keepers Convention in San Jose, California. There were 65 men total, going. So I was to make sure that each envelope had their name on it, and the contents were, a name tag, itinerary, agenda, hotel information, and wrist band/bracelet to gain admittance to the event. So I spent about 4 hours putting all of these packs together. I made sure that every envelope had each of what they needed. The next day arrived, when all the men gathered at the church to go and get their packets so that we could get on the bus that was going to take us to San Jose. All of a sudden, two of the men came up to me and asked me, “Is this a joke?” I said, “What in the world are you talking about?” They told me that they didn’t have their wristbands. I said, I put everything together, and double checked the night before.
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