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"The esthetic principles which apply to all art, regardless of an individual artist’s philosophy, and which must guide an objective evaluation . . . are defined by the science of esthetics—a task at which modern philosophy has failed dismally." Rand When, and where, do these "social, political, or economic conditions " occur, and to whom, and why? Why should an economic "condition" of the 21st century apply to how we view or value an old piece of art? a new piece of art? And what is it about the "nature" of art that could be changed? "Art is a selective re-creation of reality according to an artist’s metaphysical value-judgments." Rand This merely means that the elements placed into the art by the artist, whether the notes of symphony, the expression on a face in a painting, or the interpretation by an actor, are recreations of some element of existence, and since not all the elements can be put in, the artist must choose which elements. The elements that are chosen are those which represent the metaphysical value judgments of the artist as regards the work of art. The "nature" of art has not changed, and never will change. If an artist chooses to paint the body of Christ rising during Resurrection, then that artist is using the metaphysical value judgment that such a thing as Resurrection is possible, or actually happened. It doesn't mean it is a photograph. If a photo had been taken, Christ might have appeared limp, dead, unhappy, crying, laughing, naked, ---who knows? But what is in the painting represents the nature of art, which is to give voice to the metaphysics
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u4db4_ART - "The esthetic principles which apply to all art...

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